In the course of building or renovating income-generating properties, we support and supervise the project as a general real estate consultancy for the owners – from the initial planning until the first tenants move in. Customers profit from our competent and comprehensive project management, ensuring that the business plan is thoroughly and consistently implemented.

During each phase we work closely with the contractors, partners and other stakeholders, including architects, construction engineers, urban planners, investors and residents. This close co-operation is a major contributing factor to the success of our projects.

Our services at a glance:

  •  Developing project ideas and concepts
  •  Planning, managing and financial controlling for projects
  •  Drafting investment, financial and liquidity plans
  •  Providing decision-making criteria
  •  Assuming tenant management
  •  Deciding on contractors and suppliers
  •  Negotiating with lawyers, architects and banks
  •  Taking out insurance policies
  •   Monitoring costs, deadlines and quality